Things to do in Gilbert AZ

Gilbert Arizona brags their clear sky, safe neighborhoods a large number of outdoor activities and interesting cultural attractions. There are many places to play and have fun here. From restaurant to shopping places, everything is very exciting.  So here are the things you shouldn’t miss to do:

Dine in the top and outstanding restaurants

Here are some of many excellent and award-winning restaurant in Gilbert:

  • Joe’s Real BBQ – Delicious food at reasonable price, cool atmosphere and there are many seats, so you don’t have to wait.
  • Postino’s Wine Café – People in Gilbert loves to eat here in Postino’s Wine Café. It’s a great place for happy hour and have some wine or beer.

Joyride Taco House – Many different taco flavor to choose from. Tasty and well presented are the reason for costumer to return. They also have burritos and salad for vegetarians.

Fun activities and games

Here are some great place to go if you’re looking for a variety of entertainment for small kids all the way to adults:

  • FlipSide – Many different arcade games your family will surely enjoy. Bowling, laser tag, pool tables, bumper cars and more games for all ages.
  • Topgolf – Golf is a fun game. Either you’re a golf player or not, this is a good place to hangout with friends or family.
  • Harkins Theatre – And if you’re planning for a movie date with your special someone, this place is the best for you. Clean and comfortable with contemporary movies.

See the wonderful historical places

There are some places in Gilbert that has a historical value become iconic for the people there:

  • Gilbert historical museum – If you want to learn more about the history, arts and culture of Gilbert, this place suits for you. They also have programs, events and exhibits.
  • Morrison ranch – Wide parkways and curving main streets that emphasize walkability. It perfect for some quality time with family. They have the oldest built home in Gilbert.

See the Gilbert’s tourist spot

Magnificent views you can’t afford to miss:

  • Riparian Preserve – A beautiful view of nature and tons of ducks and birds can be found there. It’s the best place for nature walk.
  • Church of Jesus Christ Temple – The designs in this area are amazing from wall to the ground. And its relaxing and tranquil feeling making it a tourist spot.
  • Freestone District Park – Freestone District Park is very well-maintained and has a taste of their local culture.There are many activities for the children and perfect place for picnics.

Experience of being a Gilbert resident

You should experience being a Gilbert residence, here are some Gilbert residents do :

  • SanTan Village market – SanTan Village is known in their more than 100 stores and is the reason why Gilbert people’s place for shopping.

Hyatt Place Phoenix – if you’re looking for a place to stay at low price, Hyatt Place Phoenix is one of many great hotels in Gilbert. It is always clean and well-kept.



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